i feel like sometimes ppl like that actually try to be funny and try to make me laugh but they suck so bad at it it hurts to even pretend that its funny

Amy winehouse is dead bc u touch urself

"try and be funny" yeah thats not working out for you



Fun fact, not a yawn, popping it’s jaw back together after eating

this is indeed a yawn as he did not eat prior to this gif, as i am his owner

ok so tomorrow im going to this guys house that i dont really know that well n we're going to smoke n stuff. i dont know if he has plans to, but i plan on hooking up with him bc we both like each other and hes moving soon. do you have any advice? (also im a virgin)))

im a virgin. i dont think a virgin is gonna be able to help out a virgin lol good luck tho

tfw u get sex toys in the mail but ur on your period

Amy Winehouse | Susanne Vollmer, 2003 

swordfucker replied to your post: f4eriequeen replied to your post: im …


eat my ass b*tch

f4eriequeen replied to your post: im an A lister now im so proud of myself

how much money did you spend on the game??? holy shit :(

none i just used a cheat i found on youtube

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